Art Gallery

They say that an English man’s home is his castle, but these days castles are a rather trite, antiquated reminder of our somewhat barbaric past; no, a castle will no longer serve to analogise the home of twenty-first century British people, it is much more useful to think about a well tendered and curated gallery in which everything is well organised, meticulously chosen and considerately positioned. Look upon from this perspective it comes as no surprise that people are more than ever seeking to individualise their homes to make them fit into the idiosyncrasies which we all gallery 1a757f4fd6_z

The absolute subjectivity of art means that really anything can fall within its wide spectrum, from existential post-modernism to classic renaissance era religious depictions and even pictures of Granny on a mountain bike can be positioned as art. The lowering of the barriers to what is considered art has left a de-constructed world in which anything goes; with that in mind why not hop on board and make your house into your home. Choosing appropriate ‘art’ for home need not be an arduous task any longer as the advent of digital technology makes it easier than ever to turn your personal snaps into hanging wall art at the click of a mouse, just by emailing your pictures and paying online the whole production process can take place, without you ever leaving the comfort of your cosy chair.

Thedor Adorno, the twentieth century social philosophiser believed that art could only ever be truly art if separated from commercial interests; he believed that once profit came into art that it lost its very essence, what made it worth producing in the first place. He was referring mostly to the advent of pop music replacing classical music and the commodification of the soul, but his dream of a non-commodified world hasn’t really turned out how he had expected it to. Rather than everything being commodified, power has actually shifted so that art is now in the hands of every individual, the tools are possessed by all of us unlike a century ago when only the privileged few had access to the means of production. Every person can now produce music on their computer, capture and produce fine art with even the simplest digital cameras and produce, edit and publish videos online providing potential access to the whole world’s population, without ever having to go outside. Yes, it is true, we live in a truly astounding age, beyond anything our forefathers could have contemplated and we should grasp it with everything we have, this is the age of luxury, plenty and abundance; we are living through advanced civilisation and it is a dream come true. Be sure to stand out from the crowd though, it has never been easier to be the commodifier, rather than the commodity.