How to Clean Watercolour Paintings

You’ve been staring at that beautiful watercolour painting in your den. It was your child’s masterpiece, and you remember very well that she said she dedicated her work for you. Now, after several years, the painting has lost its splendour. It is now dirt-caked, and the supposedly vibrant colours are now dull. The frame is(…)

Making Your Oil Painting Vibrant Again

After weeks, months, or even years on the wall, that gigantic and impressive oil painting that you’ve hung on your living room will lose its spark. Why? How about a thick coat of dust? A layer of grime? Even insects that were squashed into the canvas? What does these all boil down to? Cleaning your(…)

Practical and Smart Pointers in Choosing Art for Your Home

Choosing an art piece in your home can be quite an adventure. But for some, the endeavour is a total rat race. I mean, what kind of art piece should you be looking for? Where should you be looking for that perfect art piece? How do you show it off in your home? Well, read(…)

Advantages of Hardwood Timber Flooring

Over the past 10 years, hardwood timber flooring has heightened in popularity with both original homebuilders and interior designers. They both favor it because the flooring is not only durable but brings warmth to any room in your house, and it is offered in a variety of colors and grains. Advantages of Hardwood Timber Flooring(…)

Contemporary Art Concepts

Contemporary Art had before a term used in any finished art work after the World War II. It is often called contemporary in the old times because of the modern character of any visual art produced. These days since these existing arts have evolved from different ages, the contemporary art in the old times is(…)