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Our founder Steven Salamander came up with the idea for the company while in India meditating under a lotus tree. He thought to himself that it would be wonderful if normal people had the chance to experience a taste of enlightenment in the manner that he himself had just experienced. Steven, you see, had just spent a year in deep meditation with a top Hindu guru who showed Steven how to traverse the mental plane and reach that particularly evasive part of the mind which we know only as the subconscious. While there he claims that he found nirvana and all that within this state of mind he realised that art is the main purpose of human existence and through which we progress and bind together disparate souls.

He believes that he went back in time to visit ancient troglodytes and assisted them with their cave paintings, met Socrates and Plato while contemplating sculpture and spent what felt like an eternity with the great Renaissance painters. The lessons he learnt are indescribable due to their internal nature, yet his existential moments of clarity led him into a position where he felt he had to give something back to the world; out of this Custom Art Interiors was born. Initially he would assist only his closest friends in turning their homes into living embodiments of his nirvana philosophy and before long he was being sought out throughout his city, before gaining an international reputation for interior design.

Once he realised that people were on the same wave length as him, he made efforts to reach the largest possible audience and out of this was born the website on which you are now located. Steven came up with the idea of attaching digital images to canvas and allowing for a totally new way of storing photography which would allow for people to utilise their own individualised art, what could be more Zen like than finding beauty in your own creations? Steven likes to tell the story of the time he met the great 1960s philosopher Alan Watts, who told him the secrets of Zen, Steven, he said, ‘the man who is hungry eats, the man who is thirsty drinks and the man who is sleepy sleeps’, These simple but profound musings can be said to represent the philosophy of Salamander and has expanded this to ‘the soul that wants to be, prints’. Steven has said that he is content with the current span of the company and has no plans to become a commercial behemoth, believing that too much exposure destroys the artistic integrity needed to truly be at peace with one’s self. He is an eccentric character no doubt, but within his eccentricity lies a beautiful soul with the good of the world’s soul expressed through art his main priority.