The Best of 2014 Interior Design Trends

Decorating space is not always a difficult task even for the inexperienced decorator. Although mixing colours and shapes can be a bit tricky; for as long as attention to not just some, but all details of the design set-up is given, home interiors will most likely fall into good order.

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Pretty much like choosing the right shoe for a dress or a suit, good interior design involves making sure that nothing falls out of place. A passion for what is classic, hip and trendy comes in handy.

In 2014, home decor trends revived the look of the past with a trend called “Ancient” inspired by Greek and Roman culture. Huge busts, paintings and furniture were also used to bring back the charm of American colonial and English country designs. Using brown shades to relive Gregorian and Jacobean styles, many homes went for traditional classic designs that never go out of style.

But while the year 2014 brought back the old world, many still opted to bring in the modern using minimalist designs to avoid clutter. Using tones of black and white, practical and easy furniture decorated many homes that shunned bulky pieces in order to free space.

Aside from the simple, modernism was also evident in the explosion of geometric figures and elements that were found in luxurious furniture pieces that came with sophisticated designs.

While in fashion, 2014 saw a revival of the 50s to the 70s, homes caught up and came alive with a play of bright colors and mixed styles that resemble the era. Yellow, dark red, and orange were in trend but so were soft shades of brown and green. In sum, we witnessed an interplay of rich and soft colors, old and new furniture, powerful and subdued designs. Glossy surfaces combined with contemporary art.

The year 2014 saw flexibility in style.