Tips and Tricks Behind a Successful Move

Moving is never an easy feat. It can be very unpleasant and can be very stressful. There are a lot of things to take into account. Initially, there’s the stressful and agonizing process of choosing the right home. But moving is as only as stressful as you make it. Planning in advance and with some tips and tricks of the trade, your move can be efficient and fast, and surprisingly fun too.

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Moving Tips That Reduces Stress

There are several ways to help make moving easier:

1. Hire movers and relocation services.

2. Packing in advance will allow you to sort out things that you do not have any use for. Organize toss and keep piles so you wouldn’t be bringing too much junk to your new place. Some movers charge by the weight of your items.

3. Keep a list of all your belongings by writing a list of what each room contains while packing the boxes. Number each box and write that on your master list. Color-coding your boxes is a pretty good idea too. Having your boxes labeled, and coded saves you the hassle of last-minute scampering around.

4. Prior to moving, make time to call banks, utilities, doctors… they will need a forwarding address from you.

5. Before moving, make time to check out your new home and clean it up a bit before setting up your furniture on the actual move date.

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Finally, moving day is here. Everything is all labeled, packed, and everything is ready to go, make sure to have your mobile phone handy to communicate with the movers to your trip to your new home. Keeping the movers in check every step of the way is important. It is also recommended that you go to your new home before the movers do to continue the smooth transition by opening your new home and ready for them for offloading.

After the move is done, while the movers are still there, have each box opened to check if any of your possessions where damaged during the entire trip. List these items and have the movers acknowledge these or call the moving company right away to resolve the issue quickly.

To further reduce the stress that comes with moving, it is recommended to enlist your family and friends to help you along. Not only would it cut your packing or unpacking time in half, it will also save you from making too many trips at a time. Delegating some of the work to them should help you feel less stressed. By having family and friends over on moving day, you will be turning a difficult task over into a fun project. Good company coupled with good food and drinks will just be the right stress-reliever that you need, aside from the extra pairs of hands of course!

So sit back for a moment, relax your tired muscles, take a few deep breaths and plan your move ahead of time. You can face this challenge and make your move fast, efficient and fun.