Having Leather Sofa Or Fabric Sofa?

September 23, 2019 Leroy Campbell

If you think you get confused getting curtains, then you got nothing on trying to shop for sofas. There are a thousand different selections to make in the pursuit for the excellent couch. Among the factors to consider: traditional or Read more…

What To Consider When Choosing Your Home’s Flooring

September 10, 2019 Leroy Campbell

You might not realise it, but your floor is a surprisingly important part of your house. It ties together the room’s appearance and it can drastically affect the property value of a house. Some types of flooring are better for Read more…

Designing Your Dream Home on a Budget

July 11, 2019 Leroy Campbell

For most of the world’s population, we go to bed every night dreaming of making our very own home. The main problem we have is usually price, because purchasing or making any new home will be the most expensive dream Read more…

It’s Everywhere – Shipping Container Homes with Exquisite Interiors

June 3, 2019 Leroy Campbell

How did the lowly shipping container revolutionize the interior design industry? Well, original interest actually started when governments realized that shipping container lots were being filled to the rafters with empty containers with no one interested in having them shipped Read more…

All The Reasons Why People Move House

October 10, 2019 Leroy Campbell

What ARE the reasons why people move to a different home? We move to a different locations for many reasons. Some even have more than just one reason to want to relocate themselves somewhere they think is better. It doesn’t Read more…

What Time Of The Year Should You Begin Moving?

September 18, 2019 Leroy Campbell

With as many different things that go through your mind when you are moving from one house to another, it can be incredibly easy to become overwhelmed. You have to think about getting in touch with experts who can move Read more…

Why Pastel Colours For Your Walls Is Better

August 22, 2019 Leroy Campbell

If you are done and bored with normal colours that stand out and are just too loud for your home, pastel shades are the way to go. Not only are they pretty and pleasing to the eyes, they also help Read more…

Practical and Smart Pointers in Choosing Art for Your Home

July 18, 2019 Leroy Campbell

Choosing an art piece in your home can be quite an adventure. But for some, the endeavour is a total rat race. I mean, what kind of art piece should you be looking for? Where should you be looking for Read more…


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