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It’s Everywhere – Shipping Container Homes with Exquisite Interiors

How did the lowly shipping container revolutionize the interior design industry? Well, original interest actually started when governments realized that shipping container lots were being filled to the rafters with empty containers with no one interested in having them shipped back to their original port. It’s much cheaper, they found out to buy a new(…)

The Best of 2014 Interior Design Trends

Decorating space is not always a difficult task even for the inexperienced decorator. Although mixing colours and shapes can be a bit tricky; for as long as attention to not just some, but all details of the design set-up is given, home interiors will most likely fall into good order. Pretty much like choosing the(…)

Designing Your Dream Home on a Budget

For most of the world’s population, we go to bed every night dreaming of making our very own home. The main problem we have is usually price, because purchasing or making any new home will be the most expensive dream you have in life. If you are in Australia and want to create something special,(…)