Why Electric Gate Installation is Best Left to the Professionals

Why You Should Never DIY Your Electric Metal Gates

If you are designing your own home or renovating the driveway, a new set of gates are bound to be on the menu. While you may be a bit of whizz kid around the home, installing electric gates is best left to the professional team of installers. What could go wrong? You might ask yourself. Here are a few reasons to leave the installation to the professionals.

  • They Know the Product – As there are no off-the-shelf solutions with electric gating, rather you should seek out a company that offer metal electric gates installation. It would be ideal if they can design the gates from scratch and build the units at their factory. The gate company relish the challenge of every project and with their help, you will create the perfect set of electric gates to complement your property. Of course, the supplier will sell you made to measure automated gating if you insist on installing them yourself, but as mentioned, this is not advised.
  • Warranty Issues – In the event the gate company supplies only, this would likely affect the warranty. While you might save a little money, there are many aspects of the work that require careful thought. If you have the gates installed by the supplier, at least you will have peace of mind.
  • Essential Anchor Supports – This depends on the weight of the gates and the best way to anchor gate posts is to set them in concrete, which should be done a couple of days prior to the installation. Unless you happen to be a gate designer, let the supplier create a blueprint and that would include calculating the weight the posts must support. Screw piling is an option if the gates are large and heavy, and the gate supplier would have experience with this.
  • Peace of Mind – When you commission made to measure gates and the company installs them, you can rest assured that they will stand the test of time. A long product warranty that is fully transferable ensures that you only have to make a call if there are any issues. If you ask the supplier, they would be happy to service the units every few months, which involves lubricating the tracking and inspecting the motor.
  • Complex Accessories – It might surprise you to learn that you can install CCTV cameras and view your entrance via a mobile app from any location. This obviously requires a stable Internet connection and a good knowledge of IT’ another reason to leave it to the professionals.

Even if you are more than capable of installing electric gates, asking the supplier to install will give you a full warranty and there isn’t much that they don’t know about the trade. Spend as much time on the design as you need, as this is a critical phase of the project and this will ensure an optimum design.

If you would like a quote for custom-made electric gates, start with a Google search to locate a leading company near you that specialises in custom built residential and commercial gates.