5 Potential Leak Sources For The Homeowner To Watch Out For

Common Household Water Leaks

While we are all need water, the complex network of pipes that deliver essential water throughout your home can develop leaks. The mains water supply is pressurised and any corroded joint could develop a leak, which is not always evident and if water is seeping into your home, it will cause damage.

Here are a few ways that a water leak can affect your home.

Leaking Roof

Perhaps the most obvious place for water to enter your home, the roof should be inspected at regular intervals and any missing tiles should be replaced. A heavy bout of rain could result in a lot of water entering the internal roof structure, causing damage to the timber rafters and joists, along with the upstairs ceilings.

Bathroom Pipes

The soldered joints on brass water pipe can erode and should you experience a leak in the bathroom, this will cause damage if not addressed quickly. In the unlikely event you experience a burst water pipe in the upstairs bathroom, this could have disastrous consequences, and there are water leak repair Guildford experts who are on call 24/7. If you are in another country, check your area for such specialists. You can do a quick search on Google or ask the people you trust for recommendations.

Washing Machine

Of course, your washing machine is hooked up to the mains and should there be a leak in the waste water pipe, dirty water could flow onto the floor. Once plumbed in, we tend to forget about the washing machine, yet a regular close inspection of the back of the appliance would reveal any leaks. Front-loading machines have a thick rubber seal on the door and if this is breached, you can expect water to be on the floor, possibly in large quantity.

Central Heating

The complex array of pipes and radiators that pump hot water around your home could easily develop a leak, indeed, this is one of the most common causes of water damage to a property. If you have your heating system inspected annually, the specialist in water leak detection Hampshire and other places around the world trust would closely look at all the joints, checking for signs of erosion.

Water Tank

If you have a two-storey home with a hot water tank in the loft, this is another potential source for a leak to develop, which could lead to ceiling and joist damage. If the stopcock malfunctioned, this could lead to water seeping over the edge of the tank and onto the attic floor. The heating engineer would be happy to inspect the water tank when he is servicing the central heating.

If you notice signs of a leak in your property, don’t delay in contacting a leak detection company, who has the tools and the know-how to quickly source a leak and carry out effective repairs. A few flood preparation tips can be found through a Google search, which might come in useful one day.

Time is of the essence when water is present in your home and you should keep your eyes open for signs of water damage. The walls, ceilings and under the kitchen sink, are all places when a leak might spring.