Tricks to make old cast iron radiator look new

A radiator is a central heating system which is considered to be one of the most vital elements to most modern homes. There is a wide variety of radiators used to keep our homes warm and toasty, and one of them is the cast iron radiator. Aside from its ability to provide evenly distributed heat throughout the room, cast iron radiators have unique charm and style which completely different from modern radiators found in the market today.

But as time pass by, it will eventually lose its charm and will look a little shabby. Remember that your old radiator does not have to hinder the style of your home interior. As long as it is working efficiently, there is no need to purchase a new one. But if you would rather to skip all the do-it-yourself work, see online brochure of high quality cast iron radiator here at the Cast Iron Factory. It is a great place for homeowners who love to incorporate a classic Victorian style into their home. With a few bucks and creative touches, your old cast iron radiator is on its way to looking brand new!

Read on to know how.

1. You will need the following:

  • Goggles
  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Hose
  • Sand paper
  • Vent brush
  • Special varnish or paint

2. Use the vent brush to thoroughly clean your old radiator by brushing in between the nooks, crannies, and fins.

3. Remove the peelings using the sand paper. Sand papers are tools to effectively get rid chunks of paint and rust that are hard to remove. After scrubbing, use the vent brush to clean away dust and paint bits.

4. Give your radiator a bath using the hose. Leave it overnight to dry.

5. After the radiator has dried, decide whether to use a paint or varnish on your radiator. If you want to preserve its original look, the best way to go is use the varnish. If you want to give your radiator a new look, choose to paint it with a different color.

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