Interior Designs

Custom Art Interiors is a company with its ethos firmly set up to provide our wonderful customers with homes which they can feel at home in, rather than just live in. From the days when Steven Salamander first set up the firm to help personalise his friend’s houses, we have always sought to maintain that personal touch which has allowed our client base to grow at a manageable level. While we specialise in various different forms of printing, the interior design aspect of the firm has survived, even though it is now a much smaller percentage of our overall business. Since Salamander took a back seat in the company to develop Interior Design Customised Magazine we have seen much less of him around the office, yet his visits always provide us with inspiration and guidance.interior design c1b72c270_z

Recently we took charge of a redevelopment project in the local area which was a young couple who had lived in their marital home for three years but had never really felt comfortable there. We helped them to redesign their interior, filling their walls with their own images which provided their own individual and collective narrative which started off with the slightly awkward pictures of them as young teens dating, through to the birth of their first child, their marriage and subsequent physical expansion. Those images alone were enough to make both of them cry as they were presented using canvas in such a way as to make them feel truly special and that this was their home, not just bricks built on top of foundation by some random people a decade ago.

This type of example is exactly what we are about, we do not seek to exploit our customers and our staff are happy here as they get to rotate their jobs, one week our designs are cleaners, another they are accountants and another they get to try out as CEO; we believe in participating and training the heart and not just the body, when the soul is willing then the body is able; this is a quote from Steven Salamander and his personal philosophies seep through every pore of the company which we hope gives us the edge over other companies, we truly care about making our clients feel warm and fuzzy and this in turn benefits our karma, yes we are selfish too, but we believe that by doing the right thing by our customers that the cosmos will repay us infinitely more than any amount of dollars, pounds, franks or yen could ever provide. This attitude is why customers constantly return to us and why we as a company continue to expand, yet we choose our staff wisely and treat them well in order to maintain the delicate equilibrium which has been built up over the years of developing our brand, reputation and quality of product.