Fixing Your Plumbing During The Global Pandemic

Although there is a global pandemic going on, things still break, and if you need a plumber, here is how to stay safe.

There is often no warning when things break, especially with things like plumbing that you can hardly see, so global pandemic or not, sometimes you need someone to make repairs in your home.

If you have an issue with your plumbing that you need to get fixed but you are mindful of keeping your family safe, there are things that you can do. Follow the advice below and your plumber will be able to make the repairs, while you keep everyone in your family safe.

Before The Plumber Arrives

You will want to give your home a thorough cleaning before inviting a plumber or anyone else inside, and things like door handles will need to be wiped and sterilised. You will want to consider cleaning anything that the plumber may need to touch, and it is also essential to remember that you will need to do the same again once they have fixed your problem. Although there is currently a global pandemic, you can still get drain jetting services or any other type of plumbing services, but you will need to know what to expect.

PPE & Social Distancing

Anyone that comes into your home to do work must wear the correct PPE gear, which will include a face mask, gloves, and potentially safety goggles. When someone arrives on your doorstep ringing the bell and is covered in PPE, do not worry as they are doing their bit to help keep everyone safe, including your family. Even with PPE on, you will still want to maintain social distancing, and if it makes you feel better, you and your family can also wear masks while the plumber is there, which may also help them feel better as well. It is also an excellent idea for the family and pets to go out for a walk, leaving one person with the plumber while the work is being done.

You May Have To Wait Longer Than Usual

With all the restrictions that are in place, including lockdowns all over the county, although plumbers are still working, you may need to wait longer for them to get to you. If your situation is an emergency, you may need to call a few different plumbers to find one that can come out straight away. You also need to realise that an emergency plumber is much more expensive than one that is booked in advance, so if your problem can wait, it may be best to do so. Also, don’t forget to read articles on safety tips to keep everyone safe should you invite a plumber or anyone else into your home. These articles are easily found online.

Have A Thorough Clean Once They Are Done

Image Source: Pexels

Once your plumber has finished making the repairs and has left your home, you will then want to give your home another cleaning. Even though the plumber was wearing PPE, you will still want to clean and disinfect anything that they have touched, including with their gloves. You will want to look at things such as door handles, counter surfaces and worktops, and anything that they have had to move to fix the problem. Give the area that they were working in a thorough clean, and you should be left with working plumbing and nothing else to worry about, apart from the pandemic.