Living Room Design Trends In 2020

Living room design trends have evolved with the times. In previous years, most of the designs revolved around traditional styles or European designs that were then adapted to different parts of the world.

The traditional living room has long been inspired by Western designs, especially Europe. However, the bulky furniture that comes with the designs and that once filled these living rooms over the years could easily make the modern living room we know today as a bit outdated. It’s high time for an upgrade.

The Colours

Albeit pastel is still among the preferred colours for walls, the year 2020 has brought in a bit of change. The latest and best trends in living room design tend to revolve around a vibrant colour palette and sleek designs that feature sleek surfaces. These are also good for keeping the interiors clean but also lend a contemporary look to the home.

If you are interested in this type of design, there are a number of new colours to choose from. Many of the modern colours tend to be much brighter than the previous ones. They are not as neutral as other colours like browns and blacks, but still add some dimension to the interiors.

Some of the most popular colours that are used are white, light blues, greens, yellows, and browns. You can also use different shades of green in different parts of the room to create a more harmonious environment.

When it comes to the colour palette used in the living room, it is very important to choose colours that go well with the room’s theme. This makes the interior look more unified and gives an overall impression of a unified theme. Colours that do not match the colour scheme would only make the room look cluttered.

Some other interesting ideas for living room design trends include the use of light and colour in the wallpaper. This helps in creating a sense of space and also helps in drawing attention to certain things in the room.

While you are working out the designs for your living room, you can experiment with lighting and the placement of furniture, too. The use of dark colours at one side of the room can make the other side look dull. However, having light and vibrant colours on the opposite side of the room can add a nice touch. Achieving harmony is the key to successful living room design.

Who To Go To

Image Source: Pexels

If you want the colour scheme to have a specific pattern in mind, the designer can assist you. He or she can pick the interior design trends that suit you. If you want the colours to flow together, the designer can guide you on how to achieve the look you want. You will also be told about coordinating accessories and wallpapers that can be used for the interiors. This is especially important if you want to combine different kinds of accessories and materials for your room.

Where To Find Inspiration

Living room design trends are always changing as the designs become more creative and modern. One can find many examples of these trends on TV and on the internet. There are also many catalogues that offer ideas on how to create the designs. Many interior designers are willing to help you get the ideas you want for your home.