What Are Things People Often Forget When Moving?

Just so you don’t ever forget about the most important things you should be packing, we have conducted a list here. Forgetting the things that you ought to be bringing with you when you move house is not only detrimental to you for a whole lot of reasons, it’s also… annoying. Yes, it’s annoying. It’s not like losing an important item because when you forget something, you KNOW where it is but now you have to go through the effort of going back there and taking it again. If you lose something, there isn’t even a guarantee that you’re going to find it again. And while that may be devastating, forgetting an item is just frustrating.

So here. The list of items you shouldn’t be forgetting when moving.

Important documents

This would include:

  • Personal documents
  • Employment documents
  • House documents
  • Financial documents
  • Car documents
  • Other crucial documents

Make sure to keep them all in a binder at ALL times. There are a lot of repercussions to losing and forgetting them, after all.


This is the most commonly forget items to bring when moving. Make sure that you pack ALL of your medicine before you even start the heavier items.

Valuable items

This could be some precious family heirlooms or the amount of gold that you have hidden here and there in your house. This also goes the same for the money that you may have stored somewhere in a vault or something of the same kind.

Items you left at the dry cleaner’s

Don’t forget the clothes you had dry cleaned, okay? Just because you’re going to a new living space doesn’t mean you’re getting new clothes either so don’t leave your clothes behind. You spent most of your money on the new house so you better make do of the little things you spent. Especially the amount you paid for the dry cleaner’s.

Disposable cutlery and paper plates

This is mostly for when you get to your new house and the standard cutlery and china you own haven’t arrived yet. Use the disposable items so you don’t have to wash anything when you’re at your new home.

Storage area items

Those are still your stuff and you spent a ton of money for them back when you bought all those items.

Laptop and phone chargers

These are probably the ones you shouldn’t be forgetting no matter what. Not only will your kids annoy you about them, you also rely on pretty much all of your gadgets.

Shower curtains and toiletries

They are sometimes forgotten but you don’t want to be bothered with going out and buying toiletries when you have to go to the bathroom on your first day at your new home.

Household plants

Plants help with making your home look brighter and they also give you oxygen. Don’t forget them.

The miscellaneous items

This would also include:

  • Gardening tools
  • Hand tools
  • Keys
  • Utility knife