The Best Ways To Make Your Room Look Brighter

If you’re looking to brighten up your interior, then you’re in luck. We actually have some valuable tips about how you can do that. And there is no need for anything expensive either. All you need is some slight touch-ups and tiny changes (well, “tiny”) and your room(s) will be brightened up that it won’t feel so dreary anymore.

Let’s start with:

Your ceiling

You may want to paint your ceiling white if you want a brighter room. A darkly painted ceiling will definitely make the entire room look darker as well. Give it a fresh coat of paint and make sure that it is white, since white naturally makes a room look brighter. If you don’t like white, then go for cream, mint or pale yellow. Those will do the job as well.

Next is:

Your walls

Avoid the deep and rich colours for walls. A dark room with these colours on its walls will not look attractive. It will just look like an offshoot of a Victorian house, and we all know how the rooms in those types of house look like. They aren’t exactly on the lighter side of things, since they like to put deep colours on. Go for lighter ones on yours. And if you MUST need to put some darker colours, maybe just do one wall or the corners of the room. We suggest using pastel colours for your wall. Maybe going for baby blue, mint or peach will do the job. If you would like to use all pastel colours, don’t use two or more colours on one wall. Just do one colour on one wall.

Now for:

Your natural lighting

This means your windows need to lose those thick and dark curtains. Letting in light from the windows is the best way for you to brighten up the room. Make use of what you have. If you can’t ditch curtains, then use blinds instead. The cloth ones with lighter fabric will do. Another thing, stop blocking your window with anything. The indoor plants must be moved or at least out to the side of the window where light can still pour through. Move the furniture blocking them and utilise the space you have in your room.

Your artificial lighting needs to be changed as well. Get rid of the overhead lights and go for soft perimeter lights.

Your accessories and decorations

You may want to assess your decorations and your accessories. Sometimes (most times) the reason why the room is darker to begin with is because of the stuff that’s littering around so much. That, or the decoration isn’t doing any wonders for how bright the room is supposed to be. Maybe it’s time for you to go minimalist. Minimalistic style is sexy, light and clean. You won’t just have a brighter room, but also a spacious one.