Why Cockroaches Like Bedrooms

Why Cockroaches Like Bedrooms

You might not be aware that the hardy little cockroach has been around for 50 million years, give or take a millennium, and despite taking precautions, these creatures find their way into our homes. While the kitchen is obviously a popular haunt for cockroaches, the bedroom is another favourite and with that in mind, here are a few reasons your sleeping quarters appeal to the roach.

Dead Skin Cells

Yes, your worst nightmare is true! Cockroaches eat our dead skin cells and what better time to do that than when we are sleeping? Don’t make the mistake of thinking they will magically decide to move on, they most certainly won’t and they will invade other parts of your home; nowhere is safe from these tough little warriors that spread disease. They also feed on the hair we shed at night, plus there is nourishment in your quilt and sheets that attract cockroaches.

Flight From Another Location

If, for example, you discovered roaches in your kitchen and applied a chemical to remove them, they might simply decide to move into the next room on their list, which would probably be a bedroom, an occupied one would take precedence. Therefore, an incomplete termite treatment can lead to the presence of roaches in your bedroom and doing things that merely inconvenience the unwanted guests is not going to remove them completely.


If the colony is growing, they may decide to occupy new rooms and the bedroom wouldn’t be far from the top of the list, especially if you like to snack in bed, as this is a food source. In most invasions, the colony finds its own balance regarding numbers and will maintain a level indefinitely.

Kitchen Spring Clean

This can be the cause for roaches to flee to your bedroom, so you should carry out treatments in every room, which would result in the creatures looking further afield for a good environment and leaving your home for good. Lack of food is a primary reason for the colony to look for a new environment and if you found a lot of food residue under the cooker and fridge, this might cause them to move to your bedroom.

The Perfect Shelter

The ideal environment for cockroaches is warm and soft and don’t think that these tough little critters can’t find their way around your home; they seem to know when we aren’t paying attention and slip from one room to the next. When looking for pest control Sunshine Coast experts are affordable and very thorough in their approach to removing cockroaches. You can also find reputable specialists near you if you’re living outside Australia, all it takes is a quick Google search. The last thing you want to feel as you drift off to sleep is the tickling sensation as a roach runs along your arm and should you ever notice one, that is the time to call in the heavy guns!

Once you are aware that these horrible creatures find sustenance in bedrooms, you should start looking for tell-tale signs of cockroach occupation and should you find any, call in a professional pest control technician, who can deal with the problem once and for all.